How to Create a Shopify Account

With many new changes that come with COVID-19, it may feel overwhelming to adapt to an evolving, online marketspace. However, it’s easier than you may think! Creating a Shopify ecommerce platform can be the first step you take to integrate an online sales channel.

Creating a Shopify Account

Here are seven basic steps to help you create the fundamentals of a working Shopify Store.

1. Create An Account

Decide on your company name, idea, logo, and products and sign up for the 14-day free trial.

2. Add Your Products

Add product names, pictures, prices and create a detailed description that incentivizes a purchase and addresses customer FAQs. If Magento was used in the past, products can be imported directly from the dashboard.

3. Design your Pages

Go to Online Store > Pages to create basic pages such as the contact, about, and policy pages. 

Then, customize your site with a theme from the Shopify Theme Store and or design the layout from scratch.

4. Customize Shipping Settings


                       Go to Settings > Shipping to set zones

5. Finalize Tax and Payment Settings

Set up tax regions in Settings > Taxes, payment provider in Settings > Payments, and currency in Settings > General.

6. Launch Store

Disable password protection under Online Store > Preferences and now you have an e-commerce platform!

7. Additional Steps

                 Buy a personal domain through Shopify which acts as a branded URL under Online Store > Domains.

                 Automate email and SMS notifications for order confirmations, status updates etc. through Settings > Notifications.

                 Monitor details on your sales and traffic in Analytics > Reports, and set up Facebook pixel for targeted Facebook ads.


Shopify offers a myriad of benefits that allow a smooth transition from brick and mortar to electronic or even a switch from one platform to another. It offers:

Once you learn the fundamentals of creating a Shopify Account, you can graduate onto the more complicated features that are explained on Shopify’s website.

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