Frequently Asked Questions: Fulfillment Edition

Fulfillment, an idea that has been steadily gaining traction in recent years. But what is fulfillment, and why is it so important? Welcome to your one-stop shop for all questions fulfillment.

1. What are the differences between warehouses and fulfillment centers?

Both warehouses and fulfillment centers are large buildings that hold inventory for businesses and are often used interchangeably. However, the key difference is that warehouses store products for an extended period of time and fulfillment centers only store items after the pickup, and until they need to deliver it to the customer.

2. Can fulfillment centers do one or two day delivery?

At a fulfillment center, the volume and concentration of locations dictates the delivery times. Many centers have the capability to do one or two day deliveries— the more packages, the more likely the center will get it fulfilled faster! At Tayza, we guarantee same day delivery as long as the addresses are submitted before our cut off time!

3. What is included in the fulfillment service?

Typically, the service will include picking up the inventory, warehousing or storing items, and shipping and delivering products. There are also many client specific tasks that can be accommodated upon request.

4. How does a fulfillment center receive my order information?

For all fulfillment centers, there are usually a couple methods to input your orders into our system. At Tayza, we offer the following easy-to-use solutions free of charge:

  1. Integrating your Shopify store (or any other online store or retail point-of-sale system) with our system, which directly sends your orders into our system.
  2. Inputting the data into a formatted spreadsheet template and manually uploading the spreadsheet into our system.
  3. If both options are not possible, you can email the customer’s information to one of our super helpful sales representatives and they will upload the deliveries for you. 

5. Do you ship everywhere?

The locations of warehouses determine where the logistics company delivers to. They will usually fulfill anything and everything within a radius of their warehouse. However, they may fulfill your orders using competitive carrier rates if they are located out of the service zone.

Tayza fulfills all orders in Toronto and most of the GTA. Anything outside of that zone (anywhere else across Canada) will be delivered through our carrier, CanPar.

6. How do my customers and I track the delivery?

You can view the status of all the deliveries on the client portal (pending dispatch, in progress, successful delivery, or failed delivery) and your clients will receive a tracking ID for the package. Tayza takes tracking one step further by sending the recipients a text when the delivery starts and calling them when the package arrives to ask for a drop off method and ensure they know of the drop-off, to prevent of any porch pirates

7. Is there a maximum or minimum order per month?

Usually fulfillment centers do not have strict minimum or maximum amounts. Depending on the service you pick, there may be a flat fee charged when you are below a certain amount of deliveries or a 48 hour notice required for larger orders. However, most fulfillment centers provide a larger discount as you have more orders.

8. Are there any products that are restricted or prohibited?

Every company has their own restrictions and usually tries to accommodate all products as long as you let them know in advance. However, if the delivery times are longer than a day, companies may warn you about delivering perishables.

Some companies may not have the permit to deliver alcoholic drinks but luckily Tayza is one of the only companies in the GTA that does! Tayza holds an Alcohol Delivery License registered through the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO)

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